How to Add Additional Photos to an ePrint Piece

To add additional photos to an ePrint piece that has already been started, you will need to access HomeVisit Legacy. You can access Legacy by selecting the link on the left side panel. 

To have access to it you  must have the same email address as the username, otherwise, the tab will not appear. If you don't know how to log in click here

Go to your Manage Listings Page and search for your listing

If you started your ePrint job in the new HomeVisit System, the address will say No Address Available. This can be edited by clicking Edit Property Details

Once you have found the correct listing, select Upload Photos and select Upload Files

Choose your photos that you wish to upload and click Open. Once the files have uploaded you will receive this message and it is safe to close out the window. 

These files will now be available in the photo gallery within ePrint for this piece. 

To learn how to get back into your current ePrint piece, click here

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