How to Get Back into a Started ePrint Piece

If you need to save and leave ePrint, you can get back into your ePrint piece by following these steps. 

Every ePrint piece that is started has an HVID generated. To find out the HVID, you will need to access HomeVisit Legacy. You can access Legacy by selecting the link on the left side panel. 

To have access to it you must have the same email address as the username, otherwise, the tab will not appear. If you don't know how to log in click here

Go to your Manage Listings Page and search for your listing

If you started your ePrint job in the new HomeVisit System, the address will say No Address Available. This can be edited by clicking Edit Property Details

You will find the HVID here

Use the back arrow to go back into your account in the new HomeVisit Portal. 

Go to Order 

Select from the available services the Print dropdown

Select ePrint  

Enter in the HVID into the HomeVisit Property ID (HVID) Field

Select Build Your Design

Select Continue on your current print piece to continue editing. Or select Approve Print to check out. 

You can also Delete your piece and start a new one

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